Best Practices Workshop

The Software and Information Industry Association is hosting the Copyright Registration Best Practices Workshop in Washington, DC on May 5 from noon to 2:15 p.m. EST.  Attendance in person or via webcast is free. RSVP at


Ted Hirakawa, Assistant Chief, Literary Division, U.S. Copyright Office
William Briganti, Assistant Chief, Visual Arts Division, U.S. Copyright Office

Topics that will be addressed:

• Best practices within the context of changed registration procedures
• Current ways of submitting claims within the Office’s electronic registration system.
• Recent developments in copyright registration, especially those for works disseminated electronically, e.g., database claims, works published within websites, works fixed in newer formats.
• The speakers will also present a demonstration of the electronic system in which we’re now examining claims to copyright and creating permanent registration records.

Be proactive and learn how to protect yourself and your work by attending the seminar in person or via webinar.