The end of December is drawing near. And that means there are candles to be lit, stockings to be hung, and presents to be given out, over one day, or eight. It’s the time of year when all the radio stations get the opportunity to play Elmo and Patsy’s Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer more times than Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift combined.

But aside from all the material possessions that will be wrapped, given, and White Elephant swapped, this is also the time to put down the mouse, turn off the light over your drawing table, and enjoy time with good friends and family

In whichever way you’re holiday travels take you, cherish the time you have with your loved ones. The work will still be there waiting for you to return when you get back to your office or studio. Enjoy the time you have with your close friends and family. Smile when your Aunt, whom you haven’t seen for 12 months gives you another Christmas sweater that will soon be put up on eBay. Laugh at the bad jokes told around the dinner table. Forget about the unpaid invoices for a few minutes and relish in the moist turkey, ham or other festive food that is served.

On behalf of the Guild, I wish you and yours a joyful and wondrous holiday season.
Haydn S. Adams

Graphic Artists Guild National President